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"In my book Sally gets the award. That was the very best apple tart I've eaten. Just the right spice, not too sweet... crust delicious...perfection." - Peg McGettrick, South Dartmouth, MA

"Sallycakes confections are by far the most delicious and delightful desserts to cross the Pacific to Hawaii. It isn't Christmas without Sallycakes....We await each delightful bite from the Candied Ginger Shortbread to the deeply chocolaty brownies. Valentine's Day to Birthdays nothing suits our sweet tooth like Sallycakes.. Aloha and Mahalo Sally!!!!" - Christine Richardson, Hawi, Hawaii.

"Sally, I couldn't resist the morning after leftover of the caramel apple tart with eggs for breakfast! It was gone in a flash! The aesthetics of the longitudinal shape of this tart delight the eye. Its flaky pastry with artistically ordered carmelized apples and creme fraiche was a truly stunning culinary experience, reminiscent of your former and very loved Bridge Street Cafe. This was not just a five star performance! It was truly a spectacular dessert. We will be back for more. Thank you" - Cheryl & Leslie, Bristol, RI

"I dreamt that I bought 1000 Sallycakes cookies for a penny a piece." - Mitchell Holmes, Age 9, South Dartmouth, MA

"I’m not normally a dessert eater or a great fan of cakes; they seem mostly dry, crumbly and boring with stiff, oversweet frosting, but any cake, any cake at all, that I have ever had from Sallycakes has been moist, melt in your mouth, inventive perfection. They will make you a dessert lover, and if you already are, well, just wait! Over the years I have had many of Sally’s creations; chocolate, pastry, vanilla, rum, fruit. Yum. Key Lime Pie! That was a memorable evening. All the guests perk up when they know she is bringing something to the feast…" - Betsy Powel, owner of Salt Marsh Pottery in Dartmouth, MA

 "I have never tasted a cake quite so wonderful as Sally's." - Sarah Latimer - England

"Sally made our wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers, perfect for a summer wedding. Not only was it beautiful, it was the best wedding cake we had ever had! A friend liked it so much, she ordered the same one for her wedding the following summer! This year at a surprise birthday party for me and a friend, we were treated to another exquisite raspberry cake. What a treat!" - Jeff and Mege Gonsalves, Wedding cake clients, South Dartmouth, MA

"Sally Myers is the premier baker and sweets maker in this area. She has a dedicated following – those who have come to depend on her excellence in cakes, desserts and her fabulous sweet trays. As a caterer I understand that dessert is the key to a lasting impression. Sally delivers every time; that is why she is responsible for all the desserts here at Morton’s Fork. Rich chocolate tortes, the best moist carrot cake, brownies that are legendary, tarts that are spectacular and her wedding cakes above all the rest. It is about the ingredients and the consistency. I am a respected chef, but I could never have the patience and consistency that Sally has to produce an incredible product. Since her days as the pastry, pasta and dessert maker at the Bridge Street Café, she knows what it takes to please the palate. Become a believer and call Sally for her latest sweet sensations. A wonderful woman, a perfect product." - Greg Morton, owner and chef of Morton's Fork Catering, New Bedford, MA

"I have been an avid fan of Sallycakes varied and exquisite desserts since the beginning of the Bridge Street Café, 23 years ago. In particular her key lime pie is consistently the best I’ve ever had – with a taste and texture that is both wonderfully delicate and sweetly pungent. I have always found that Sallycakes baked goods are anything but typical. I don’t know how she does it, but I am always amazed at how she can make even something as basic as a brownie noticeably tasty and sophisticated." - Hilary Brown, customer, Little Compton, RI

"Sallycakes cookie assortments are a delight!!! Whenever I have a party, Sal’s cookies are the first to disappear. Sally is most helpful in guiding you for what would be perfect treats for your occasion. A tip – order extra for the frig for some well deserved post party indulgences." - Kathy Murphy Aisenberg, customer, South Dartmouth, MA

"Sallycakes sweet endings are just that! Everything she makes finishes a meal perfectly. She has some of the world’s best recipes for cookies and sweet tarts tasting of only pure butter, pure sugar, pure lemon, pure chocolate, etc. One can rely on getting the best from Sally." - Ann Sheehan, customer, South Dartmouth, MA

"Whenever I need a special dessert, with attention to detail and presentation, there is, in my mind just one person to contact, Sally Myers. Sally has an intuitive knowing of sweet delicacies and those who know her cooking are well aware of it! Every year at a silent auction fundraiser, bids on her ‘Sweet Tray’ are nothing less than a bidding war! Personally, because I am a cookie hound, I love the Sweet Tray with its variety of cookies and bars. But one taste of Sal’s chocolate cake, fresh fruit tart, crème caramel or lemon ice cream will make you a ‘groupie’ for the rest of your sweet life." - Kissy Russell, customer, South Dartmouth, MA and Edwards, Colorado

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