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Sal's Famous Sweet Tray
Order from a variety of exceptional cookies and bars to make up a beautiful combination.

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Almond Macaroons – Lovely chewy and pure almond.

Almond Raspberry Bars – three layers - with white chocolate, raspberry jam and toasted almonds.

Butterscotch Brownies – butterscotch chips and walnuts in a chewy brown sugary base.

Cappuccino Shortbread Triangles – Coffee flavored shortbread dipped in chocolate and toasted pecans.  A sophisticated, delightful cookie.

New!! Shortbread Caramel Squares w/ Toasted Pecans – OMG!! A caramel lover's delight!!

Coconut Macaroons – Scrumptious and chewy. Add a chocolate glaze for a mounds bar affect.

Cranberry Crumb Bars – Layered with cranberries and raspberry jam and bursting with flavor.

Double Chocolate Brownies – Twice the chocolate of ordinary brownies.  Super moist.  A chocolate lover’s dream.

Ginger Shortbread Cookies – A ginger lover's cookie. Made with candied ginger.

Lemon Squares – A big seller.  A very lemony custard supported by a shortbread crust.

New!! Lemon Butter Cookies – With lots of zest, very lemony.

Molasses Cookies – Crispy, chewy, and spicy with a hint of pepper.



Oatmeal Lace Cookies – Thin, crispy, chewy, lacy, brown sugary.  With a chocolate center.

Orange Cream Cheese Brownies – My famous double chocolate brownies with a layer of orange flavored cream cheese swirled in.

 Pecan Shortbread Cookies - Takes pecans to a new level in a shortbread cookie.

Peppermint Brownies – Peppermint double chocolate brownies with a decorative chocolate glaze.

Thumb Cookies – A delicious butter cookie with a raspberry or apricot jam center.

Walnut Coconut Bars – Walnuts and coconut in a chewy filling over a brown sugar crust.

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